x00 & x50 Series

Instrumentation Laboratory was the first to automate clot-timing tests, and are now the world’s leading developer of hemostasis testings systems. IL – ACL™ family of testing instruments uses advanced optical technology and sets a new standard for precision and operational simplicity, while HemosIL®reagents are first in flexibility, reliability and accuracy.

“Testing process automation” for your haemostasis lab

The ACL TOP Family is a complete line of Hemostasis Testing Systems—each designed with the same high standards of operation and functionality to meet the needs of your hospital and lab regardless of its size or scope. Whether running routine or highly specialized assays, ACL TOP provides Testing Process Automation in a range of instruments, ideal for low- to high-volume labs through fully integrated Laboratory Automation Systems. And, because ACL TOP Systems are optimized to run with HemosIL reagents, they are part of a complete disease state management solution.

All ACL TOP Systems provide:

  • Same results — standardization among labs
  • Same reagents and consumables — optimized administration
  • Same features and usability — simplified training
  • Same powerful and intuitive software — ease of use

Most Comprehensive Test Menu

General Screening and Anticoagulant Monitoring

  • PT
  • APTT
  • Fibrinogen Clauss
  • Thrombin Time
  • Hepatocomplex*
  • Pro-IL-Complex
  • Liquid Heparin (one-stage)
  • Heparin (two-stage)


  • Antithrombin
  • Protein C (Chromogenic)
  • Protein C (Clotting)
  • Free Protein S (Antigenic)
  • Free Protein S (Clotting)
  • FV Leiden (APC-R V)
  • Homocysteine
  • ThromboPath*


  • D-Dimer HS 500
  • D-Dimer HS
  • D-Dimer 500*
  • D-Dimer

Antiphospholipid Syndrome

  • Silica Clotting Time
  • LAC Screen/Confirm
  • dRVVT Screen/Confirm

Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia

  • HIT-Ab(PF4-H)*

Coagulation Factors

  • Intrinsic Factors
  • Extrinsic Factors
  • FXIII Antigen


  • Plasminogen
  • Plasmin Inhibitor

von Willebrand Disease

  • VWF Antigen
  • VWF Activity
  • VWF:RCo*