Our Global Manufacturing Associates

We collaborate with some of the most innovative companies around the world to bring great products that are designed to help Healthcare providers with better diagnosis.

Elga Labwater, UK

ELGA Labwater from UK is an integral part of Veolia Water Technologies, the world leader in water treatment.ELGA specializes in delivering water purification systems for research, diagnostic, clinical and healthcare environments. ELGA has 75 years experience in water purification technologies. ELGA’s water purification system has unique features like continuous real time water quality monitoring, recirculation of purified water stored in tanks, emergency by-pass loop etc.

Zentech SA, Belgium

ZenTech S.A. is a Belgian biotechnology company specializing in In-Vitro Diagnostic kits specifically developed for prenatal, neonatal and paediatric use. In all its activities, ZenTech’s quality policy fulfils the requirements of NBN EN ISO 9001:2008 and NBN EN ISO 13485:2003 quality management standards, and ensures compliance with the 98/79/EC European Directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Microptic, Spain

MICROPTIC SL, based in Barcelona, Spain, is a leading player in the field of research, development of automatic diagnostic systems, having specialized in SEMEN analysis for over 20 years. It is an ISO 9001 & ISO13485 certified company using artificial vision technology & specialized in biomedicine.

Cornley Hi-Tech Co Ltd., China

Cornley Hi-Tech Co Ltd, founded in 1993 is the one of the leading developer & manufacturer of medical devices in global market. Cornley has built up a quality control system strictly according to ISO 9001/ ISO 13485 standards.

Instrumentation Laboratory (IL), USA

IL intergral part of Werfen group since 1991.Wefen was founded in 1966 in Barcelona, Spain. Instrumentation Laboratory was the first to automate clot-timing tests, and are now the world’s leading developer of hemostasis testings systems. IL – ACL™ family of testing instruments uses advanced optical technology and sets a new standard for precision and operational simplicity, while HemosIL®reagents are first in flexibility, reliability and accuracy.

Omega Diagnostics Ltd, UK

Omega Diagnostics Group PLC, from UK is focused on selling a wide range of specialist products, primarily in the immunoassay, in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market within three segments: Allergy and Autoimmune, Food Intolerance and Infectious Disease.