Medica R7/15

ELGA Labwater from UK is an integral part of Veolia Water Technologies, the world leader in water treatment.

ELGA specializes in delivering water purification systems for research, diagnostic, clinical and healthcare environments. ELGA has 75 years experience in water purification technologies. ELGA’s water purification system has unique features like continuous real time water quality monitoring, recirculation of purified water stored in tanks, emergency by-pass loop etc.

The Medica-R15 is a compact, high performance Deionised water purification system that directly feeds Clinical Diagnostic Analyzers with up to 1.8 l/min of Clinical Laboratory Reagent Water (CLRW) standard grade water (formally CLSI Type 1 water).

Innovative technology combined with its unique features, makes the MEDICA-R15 a highly reliable and cost-effective choice.

Key Features:

Specifications of Treated Water
Makeup Rate @ 15˚C 15 Ltrs/Hr
Inorganics (Resistivity @ 25˚C)* Typical 1 To 18 MΩ.Cm
Organics (TOC) (Typical) < 30 Ppb
Bacteria (Typical) * < 1CFU/ml
Particles 0.2micron Filter
Silica <0.05mg/L
Maximum Delivery Flow Rate Upto 1.8 L/Min@30psi (2 Bar)