ZenTech S.A. is a Belgian biotechnology company specializing in In-Vitro Diagnostic kits specifically developed for prenatal, neonatal and paediatric use. In all its activities, ZenTech’s quality policy fulfils the requirements of NBN EN ISO 9001:2008 and NBN EN ISO 13485:2003 quality management standards, and ensures compliance with the 98/79/EC European Directive on in vitro diagnostic medical devices.

Automated workstations for Immunoassays . .
“From Sampling to Results”

The systems will manage all the steps of ZenTech’s screening assays test procedures (excluding punching and DBS removing).


IMMUNOMAT™ can process 4 microtiter plates with the addition of 3 extra plate positions for incubation and shaking steps.

This open automated system has dedicated newborn screening protocols for ZenTech reagents and will allow the automation of ZenTech neonatal product line.

It represents a perfect match for routine laboratories performing several hundred determinations per day.

« A significant step towards automation of newborn screening… »

  • 4 + 3 plates system
  • ELISA analyzer for medium to high throughput applications
  • Multi-shot dispenser function and memory function for tip racks
  • Optimized functions for scheduling for efficient workload of the instrument
  • Level sensors for all fluid containers with automated warning in case of lack of reagents or filled waste container
  • Pipetting system (software controlled) for easy handling by the operator
  • Clot detection and ‘bubble kill’ function guarantee a walkaway functionality
  • Easy access to buffers and reagents
  • Import/export function for reagents
  • Reload function for patient samples, reagents and microtiter plates
  • Parameter- or patient-orientated result reports


GEMINI is the easy and affordable solution for Newborn Screening in midsize laboratory.

The instrument allows flexible scheduling of up to three plates. Immunomat and Gemini are manufactured by the same company: using common components and similar user interface, Gemini also represents the ideal backup of the Immunomat users.

Tube in – Result out

  • Fully automated microplate processor for low throughput applications
  • Flexible scheduling of up to three plates
  • Total walk away system
  • Flexible time management with LIS connectivity
  • Modularity – open system
  • Ease of use, installation and maintenance
  • Assay performance with disposable tips
  • High process safety with triple pipetting control
  • Convenient programming of assay protocols
  • Proven reliability
  • The system is in compliance with the In-vitro diagnostic directive 98/79/EC