SCA Evolution Human

MICROPTIC SL, based in Barcelona, Spain, is a leading player in the field of research, development of automatic diagnostic systems, having specialized in SEMEN analysis for over 20 years. It is an ISO 9001 & ISO 13485 certified company using artificial vision technology & specialized in biomedicine.


Automatic measuring system for the analysis of semen samples, following WHO criteria or others. Complete modular system allows you to choose modules as per your requirement and compatible accessories. SCA CASA System for semen analysis allows the accurate, repetitive and automatic assessment of the following sperm parameters: Motility & Concentration, Morphology, DNA fragmentation, Vitality, Acrosome reaction and Leukocytes.

Parameters analyzed (Click on images to view details)

Technical specifications

Motility and concentration

Technical specifications


Technical specifications

DNA fragmentation

Technical specifications


Technical specifications

Acrosome Reaction

Technical specifications


Key Features:

Additional modules

SCA® Sample Management

Working with the SCA® database (SQL server), review results and print reports (more than 40 predefined and possible to customize).

SCA® Datashare

Used to connect SCA® database to any external database or laboratory information system.

SCA® Stage Controller

For a fully automatic system. Uses a motorized stage.

SCA® Capture System

Low price option for centres with main lab and secondary labs, or a requirement for more than one CASA system.

SCA® Editor

Software to modify SCA® sessions. The sessions must be analyzed by FULL SCA® system. Not possible to capture/import new fields.

SCA® Viewer

Open and view all the saved sessions from any computer. Send the file to you patients and they can see the results in their home. This software is free!

Customized Report Formats

  • Customized reports service: More than 40 different reports, including Levy-Jennings report for quality control.
  • Images and graphics: The user can select the graphics /images that will appear in the printed report.
  • Translation: Possibility to translate the report to any language.
  • Signature: Add a digital signatureto the document.
  • Export: Reports can be printed but also exported to several formats: PDF, Excel, Word, Text…