Dried Blood Spot Cards (DBS Card)

LTA SRL is an internationally recognized Italian company with a strong background in designing, producing, selling, and trading “In vitro” Diagnostic Reagents, including custom-made products. The company is known for the quality and reliability of its IVD products and has multiple product lines for both the IVD market and Industrial Microbiology.

LTA SRL, a reputable manufacturer of specimen collection devices, creates equipment that complies with the specifications outlined in European directive 98/79/EC for use in newborn metabolic screening and testing for hereditary diseases.

  • For manufacturing these collection device (DBS Cards) we use Whatman Collection paper S & S 903 only
  • CE and IVD approved
  • Newborn Screening Devices available in a Pack of 100 Pcs
  • Cards are available with or without barcode
  • Maximum validity of 3 years
  • 6 spots in a card for blood collection

We can customize the demographic fields as required by customer (For Bulk order)